Our Purpose


At our agritourism venue, we take pride in showcasing the essence of our farm-grown crops through immersive and engaging festivals. Each event is carefully crafted to highlight the significance of agriculture in a fun and interactive way.

The Experience

From delectable food and refreshing drinks made from our own produce to games, activities, and contests centered around these crops, we aim to offer a truly unique experience.

Educating Guests

Our goal is to not only entertain but also educate, giving guests the opportunity to appreciate the outdoors and reconnect with nature, far from the urban rush. Join us to experience the joy and importance of agriculture firsthand.

Blueberry U-Pick

Dive into the sweetness of summer with our Blueberry U-Pick event, where guests can wander through our lush blueberry fields, picking their own ripe berries straight from the bush.

June 8th, 15th, 22nd, & 30th

*pre-ordered tickets required for entry

Blueberry Cocktail Class

For an extra treat, join our premium cocktail class, where you'll learn to craft delicious drinks using the very berries you've harvested, adding a touch of farm-fresh flavor to your experience.

June 13th

Sunflower U-Pick

The Golden Blooms

Embrace the beauty of autumn at our Sunflower U-Pick event, a serene stroll through fields of golden blooms. Capture picturesque moments, sip on refreshing drinks, and anticipate more delightful surprises to be unveiled as fall approaches.

Pecan Festival

The Grand Event

Mark your calendars for our grandest event of the year, the Pecan Festival. Named after our famed Pecan Grove, this festival promises a festive atmosphere.

All the Festivities

Festival is full of live music, pecan-themed culinary delights including pies and dishes, a variety of craft vendors, hayrides, specialty pecan drinks, and an array of engaging games and activities.

Stay Tuned

Get ready to celebrate the bounty of the harvest season with us this fall! Stay tuned for updates as we approach the event date later this summer.

Apple Orchard

The Expansion

Our venture into apple orchards is no small feat—it's a monumental project that speaks volumes about our commitment to sustainable agriculture and exceptional guest experiences.

Planting Season

With over 2500 trees planted last year and an additional 6000 trees set for this spring, our orchards are blossoming with diverse apple varieties, each nurtured with organic practices, devoid of harmful chemicals.

The Journey Ahead

We're excitedly brewing plans around these apples, hinting at refreshing delights perfect for sunny afternoons. Stay tuned for more updates as our orchards flourish and the promise of crisp, flavorful drinks awaits your enjoyment.