Mark & Alice Williamson


Having been reared on Williamson Family Farm, Mark retired from his career as an orthopedic spine surgeon to focus full-time on re-creating the home place into a destination agritourism venture. During his time as a medical resident, Alice was a trauma nurse and they met in Chattanooga, TN. Together they made countless trips to Murfreesboro to spend time on the farm. Raised in a suburb of Chattanooga, farm life was new to Alice.

For the past 27 years Mark and Alice have lived in North Carolina raising their three sons. However, after their father’s passing, Mark and his sister Toni decided to maintain the farm as a place of agriculture education and beautiful destination for weddings and life’s special events.

Mark and Alice’s passion for sharing the Williamson legacy and the agricultural heritage of the farm are at the foundation of their efforts. They envision a paradise where all people can be an active participant in an experience which will transform the very core of their being. Their mission is to ensure that this vision survives in perpetuity so that future generations have the opportunity for that same life-changing experience.

Toni Williamson Turner


As soon as she was walking, Toni went everywhere on the farm with her dad. She started driving the tractors by herself when she was 8 years old, barely able to reach the clutch and brake. From bailing hay to hauling wheat-filled wagons to the Rutherford Co-Op, it was truly life on a farm. Toni retired from her 34-year career in Social Services and now enjoys pickleball, exercising, and traveling, to name a few of her hobbies. For Toni, there’s nothing like being on the farm. She is passionate about helping create those special memories for families at Williamson Family Farm to provide a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

John Mark Williamson

Farm Operations Manager

John Mark Williamson's journey to Williamson Family Farm has been a lifelong adventure rooted in family, education, and a deep love for agriculture. Growing up in North Carolina, John Mark spent countless weekends visiting the farm to see his beloved grandmother, Mitsue. These visits were filled with picnics, go-kart and dirt bike rides, and precious family moments that fostered his early love for farming.

John Mark pursued his passion academically, earning a Bachelor of Science in Animal Science with a minor in Agricultural Business from North Carolina State University. Go Pack! After college, he gained valuable experience working at a Genetic Nucleus Hog Farm for Smithfield Foods, where he honed his skills in animal husbandry and farm management. His journey continued with a fall season internship at Vala's Pumpkin Patch, an agritourism venue in Nebraska, where he discovered a passion for agritourism.

For the past three years, John Mark has called Tennessee home, serving as the Operations Manager at Williamson Family Farm. In this role, he oversees all aspects of the farm, from daily operations to strategic planning. His enthusiasm for marketing and project management has driven significant growth and innovation on the farm.

Outside of work, John Mark enjoys playing pickleball, spending time with his collie/Aussie mix dog, Gemma, and diving into a good book. He cherishes the moments spent working alongside his family and looks forward to the future, with plans to eventually take over the family business. His ultimate goal is to honor his family's legacy and make them proud by continuing the farm's tradition of excellence and community engagement.


Family Farm Owners

Pictured from left to right:
Toni, Mark, Alice, and John Mark