Williamson Family Farm

Williamson Family Farm

Farm & Learning

Our multi-generational farm is reimagining how small farms sustain and thrive.

The 240-acre property has been evolving to showcase small farm producing Regenerative Organic Certified™ crops including fruit, vegetables, herbs, and others to be incorporated in our private and public events. Plans include introducing animals to support some agritourism events. 

The Farming Operations are the “soul” of the operation.  It operates as a “learning farm” and crops and practices are carefully chosen.

Prior to each growing season, planning takes place to determine the farm’s needs so that it can move toward a goal of growing much of the food that is consumed at the public and private venues right on the farm. 

The day-to-day chores of the farm are led by a carefully selected farmer who uses next-generation farming methods and participates in the development of the educational programming.  Partnerships are sought with the University of Tennessee to offer internships. Williamson’s Farm seeks research opportunities targeted at strengthening family farming. A partnership with the state extension service will ensure innovative use of  farm practices and management techniques.

Fruit crops currently include blackberries and blueberries with the addition of strawberries, lavender, pumpkins, ornamental corn, flowers, sorghum and possibly others. An orchard area includes apples, peaches, pears, and sweet cherries.